One of your family’s most crucial considerations will be how to go about choosing the best school, institution, or programme for your child.

Working with a professional who has demonstrated knowledge, has undergone a thorough vetting process, and exhibits the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience is ensured when you hire an independent educational consultant.


For students and families searching for qualified specialists with experience in admissions counselling, our consultants might be a helpful resource. We are dedicated to helping students choose universities that are the appropriate match for them and offer individualised attention and flexible scheduling.


Our international specialisations are uniquely suited to assist you and your child in discovering a wide choice of educational opportunities throughout the world and selecting one that most closely matches your needs.

The number of students who travel abroad is rising, and the variety of destinations is expanding. A non-resident visa status, sometimes known as a student’s visa, is typically held by “internationally mobile students” who wish to pursue a postsecondary degree (or higher) in the country of their choice. To emphasise the fact that they would receive a foreign degree and to set them apart from “credit-mobile students” on brief exchange or study abroad trips, these people are also referred to as “degree-mobile students.”


November 17 is International Students Day. On this day, we honour the valour of the many Prague students who bravely fought for their country’s honour and the right to higher education. Nazi authorities detained nine demonstrators in 1939, executed them without a trial, and interned more than 1,200 students. Many people died. The International Student Day honours their selflessness. Although we currently seem to be on completely different planets, many nations continue to strive for the freedom to peaceful protest and education.