Typical Ivy League International Student

An Ivy League college enrols a varied range of students from all over the world, making it challenging to identify a “typical” international student at these institutions. However, there may be certain shared traits of foreign students at Ivy League institutions.

  1. High academic achievement: Ivy League institutions often enrol highly accomplished international students. Many of them did well in their high school coursework and had good grades and exam results.
  2. Leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities: Many overseas students at Ivy League universities have proven themselves to be leaders and dedicated to extracurricular pursuits including athletics, clubs, and volunteer work.
  3. Cultural variety: Ivy League universities are renowned for having a diverse student body, and foreign students add to this diversity by bringing different viewpoints and experiences from their native nations.
  4. Financial resources: International students attending Ivy League universities frequently combine scholarships, grants, and personal or family assets to cover the cost of their education.

In general, Ivy League universities may find that overseas students share traits such as strong academic success, leadership abilities, cultural variety, and financial resources.

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