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With more than 1,000,000 students opting to further their education and life experience at a United States college or university, the USA is home to the largest international student population in the world. International students now make up over 5% of all students in higher education in the United States, and their numbers are rising.


It’s challenging to try to enrol as an overseas student in the US. Since the application procedure is difficult and competitive, it demands diligence and hard work before the first day of school. Additionally, it takes time; students should begin planning months in advance and must maintain organisation and knowledge at all times. 


Life of an International Student 

You are starting a journey that could change your life as an international student studying in the US. You will get the chance to learn about a different culture, form enduring relationships, and get a top-notch education. It’s crucial to be ready for the particular experiences that come with being an international student in the US because these opportunities do not come without challenges.

The language barrier is one of the main obstacles that many overseas students must overcome. Even though many institutions provide English language assistance, it can be challenging to interact with and comprehend people when speaking a foreign language. As much English as you can, both inside and outside of the classroom, should be learned and practised.

Getting used to the American educational system may be another difficulty that international students encounter. American universities can have extremely distinct structures and expectations from those in other countries. It’s critical that you are familiar with both the academic standards of your programme and the expectations of your lecturers. If you need assistance or clarification on anything, don’t be hesitant to ask.

Another typical problem for international students is homesickness. Being so far away from your family and friends can be challenging, and it’s common to occasionally miss home. Using technology to maintain contact with your loved ones can help you fight homesickness. Talk to your loved ones via video calling services like Facetime, Skype, and others.

Getting involved on campus is another method to fight homesickness. Become a member of a club, team, or organisation that shares your interests. This will not only help you meet new people, but it will also make you feel more a part of your new neighbourhood.

All things considered, being an international student in the United States can be both difficult and tremendously rewarding. You can find success and fulfilment as an international student in the US by being ready for the difficulties and seizing the opportunities.

To-Do List for International College Applicants

There’s no better time to organise than the new year for potential overseas students who want to apply to a university in the United States. Here are a few ideas for getting ready:

  • Put your papers in order.
  • Strengthen extracurricular activities and keep records on them.
  • Think of hiring a consultant for foreign schooling.


A transcript, letters of recommendation, score reports from any required tests, such as the SAT or ACT and English language proficiency tests, like the TOEFL and IELTS, and financial documents, are just a few of the items that experts advise having ready in advance for the college application process.


Plan out the information needed for each application because each institution will have distinct requirements and deadlines.

Researching universities that are both a good fit and have less international applicants, where there may be less competition, is also advised by experts because those institutions may be aiming to enhance their international enrolment.

Indian Students in Under-graduate Programs

After the 12th grade, the most popular country for Indian students to study abroad is the United States of America. You can take a step closer to realising your dream of going to college in the United States after receiving the necessary grades in the 12th grade from the Indian educational system. Indian students can pursue their higher education in the USA in a variety of post-secondary or undergraduate programmes. If they meet the requirements, there are several scholarships available for Indian students to study in the United States. After completing their 12th grade in science or commerce, Indian students have a variety of possibilities for furthering their education in the United States.

English language proficiency is the first prerequisite that must be met in order to study in the USA after the 12th grade. IELTS and TOEFL scores are both excellent indicators of English language proficiency. You must have a basic command of the English language in order to enrol in an English-speaking university. Depending on the courses you choose to take, the standard need ranges from 6.5 to 7.0 bands. On the course pages and university websites, you can get information about a programme’s precise requirements. However, there are some colleges where you can study in the USA following your 12th grade year without taking the IELTS exam.

SAT scores are another important prerequisite for post-secondary study in the United States. The SAT is one of many factors that universities consider for admissions in addition to a student’s academic and extracurricular accomplishments. SAT scores between 600 and 800 are considered competitive.

Application Process

Start preparing as soon as you decide to study abroad in the USA because you will need a lot of time before applying. Check out the requirements for USA universities, start taking the necessary examinations, get the necessary documentation, etc. then, following thorough investigation, submit an application to US universities. Intakes are delivered in three different ways at American institutions. They are summer intake, spring intake, and fall intake (from September to December, respectively) (starts around May).

Cost of Studying

Depending on the degree, school, and location one chooses, the cost of studying in the United States for Indian students might range from $40,000/- to $80,000/-. Remember that the cost of the management and medical (MBA) courses is significantly higher than that of the other courses.

Your study abroad might be financed in a variety of ways. Most students try to use student loans to fund their international studies. The United States is a well-known academic location, and there are many scholarships available there as well. The greatest option to pay for your expenditures while you’re abroad, aside from student loans, is with study abroad scholarships. Some universities will assist you not just with your tuition costs but also with your living expenses while you are studying abroad.